“How do Mad Artists think” workshop at The Pianoman Gurgaon – Timing and Details


Picasso's painting and an African mask Picasso’s painting and an African mask. A combination of tribal art and the invention of film (among other things), led Picasso towards Cubism.

Workshop Title

How do those Mad Artists Think? Lessons in creativity from the world of Art.

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Workshop duration

4 hours

Date and Time

Saturday, 8th November 2014, 4.30 PM – 8.30 PM

Introductions (10 minutes)

4.30 – 4.40

Introductions, with name and favourite artist, film maker, writer etc.

Post it discussions – ‘Big Words’  (1 hour)

4.40 – 5.20

Discussions on the meaning of ‘Big Words’ from Art and Design and the relationships between them. What’s the difference between Craft and Art for instance? Or what’s the difference between Performance Art and Theatre?

5.20 – 5.40

Rearranging the ‘Big Words’ to demonstrate how they all fit into a very logical artistic process.

Break (10 minutes)

5.40 – 5.50


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